What Is SLC Consulting?

SLC Consulting is an organization that specializes in the training and development of individuals and teams. Using the Gallup Organization’s Clifton’s StrengthsFinder™ (CF) assessment, participants learn more about their natural talents, how to develop them into strengths and apply them to all situations.

SLC Consulting provides strengths based consulting to help organizations and teams increase productivity, drive performance, and improve performance management and leadership.

The training is highly interactive, resulting in increased employee engagement, stronger teams, and greater self-confidence and awareness.

As a result of strengths training and/or coaching, you will discover new things about yourself – and about one another. You might even have some thoughts about people that you know and try to place them into some of these themes of talents. There are many areas of improvement and awareness as a result of knowing your strengths. For example:

  • How to effectively communicate with each member of the team to meet their personal needs, as well as your own
  • How to engage the entire team towards meeting goals
  • How to help team members ensure they are doing what they do best (or help them find the better fit)
  • How to provide recognition to a group (or individuals) that seem disengaged